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Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Pipe Trading,Zinc Galvanized Round Steel Pipe For Building Material

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Galvanized Steel Pipe
Certification ISO
Model Number Galvanized Steel Pipe
Min.Order Quantity One set Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Pipe Trading,Zinc Galvanized Round Steel Pipe For Building Material
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Product Features

Galvanized ERW steel pipe

Hot dip galvanized steel pipe

Hot dip galvanized pipe is made of metal and molten iron alloy body reaction layer, so that it can combine the coating and the matrix.Is hot dip galvanized steel pipes to pickling, in order to remove iron oxide on the surface of the steel tube after acid cleaning, by ammonium chloride or zinc chloride solution or ammonium chloride and zinc chloride aqueous solution tank, and then into the hot dip tank.Hot dip galvanizing has a advantage of uniform coating, adhesion strong, long life etc..

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Pipes

Plating steel substrate and melting of the physical, chemical reaction to form complex structure, corrosion resistance of zinc alloy layer closely.Pure zinc alloy layer and layer and steel substrate.So the corrosion resistant ability.

Non Destructive Exam:

1. Visual Testing

2.Radiographic Testing

3.Ultrasonic Testing

4. Magnetic Particle Testing

5. Penetrant Testing

6.Eddy current Testing

7. Acoustic Emission Detection Contents

Fabrication Process

(black pipe examination)(acid washing) (water washing)

(solventcoating)(lining)(drying)(passivation)(examination) (water cooling)

(insideblasting)(outsideblasting) (galvanizing) (proceed cleaning)(drying)

(printing) (sprinkling passivation) (packing)(final examination storage)

Company Introduction

Tianjin Zehao import and export Co.Ltd. is a large Industry and trade integration enterprise . Covers an area of 120000 square meters, owns: high frequency welded pipe manufacturing, hot rolled strip production line, powder billet, trade and financial investment and the four pillar industries.The manufacturing of high frequency welded pipe using the most advanced automatic cold bending and welded pipe production line, has a unique production technology and innovation.With an annual output of 300000 tons of rectangular and shaped steel tube. It Is a production of thick wall and high strength structure of square,rectangular pipe manufacturers. The quality of the products is higher than the national standard "GB/T67282002", various specifications of the rectangular steel pipe and has reached the European quality standards "EN102192006" structure, strength can reach X60 grade steel

for steel pipe. Product quality control of the use of ISO900/2000 certification of quality management mode.

The annual production of 30 - ~300 * 16 square and 50 x 30,400 x 200 x 16 rectangular pipe and profiled steel tube etc.. The 50 series, more than 300 varieties. Products are widely used in: machinery manufacturing, Outside the building eaves,tower construction, agricultural machinery, automobile crossbeam, railway, bridge, highway facilities, support of the coal mine, container frame and steel structure field etc.

My company has a first-class team of experts and a large number of strong technology, with excellent staff and

management expertise, first-class production workshop, finished the Treasury spacious and clean production

environment. It is the best-quality steel production base.

The company is located in Bazhou City, Hebei Province, the second town hall,is the center of Beijing, Tianjin and the region. 5 km away from Tianjin high speed Shengfang export, 60 km from Tianjin Tanggu. Convenient transportation,

relying North's largest shipping port - Newport, forming the main shipping ports worldwide network of radiation, the company has independent export rights, product distribution in Southeast Asia, America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions.

Our company is the Chinese cold-formed Association of the governing unit, the national key project supplier, please

believe my company's products and the strength, quality of service, will be your best choice, and sincerely hope to work with colleagues at home and abroad and close cooperation and joint development, create brilliant.

For more details about our company, you can browse around our website: . Thank you paying your attention to read our inroduction.

TianJin Zehao Import and Export Co.LTD.

Adress:Room 1804,1 room,Huake Road,

Xiqing District,TianJin,China

Tel: 22-87938975

Galvanized Steel Pipe can be made into a strong plumbing or tubing material -- one that resists corrosion from exposure to water or the elements.Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Pipe Trading,Zinc Galvanized Round Steel Pipe For Building Material has been used used for water-supply pipes or as a strong tubing for outdoor applications.
Galvanized Steel Pipe is most commonly used for outdoor construction like fences and handrails, or for some interior plumbing. Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Pipe Trading,Zinc Galvanized Round Steel Pipe For Building Material is also sometimes called galvanized iron pipe. Galvanized steel pipe has been coated with a layer of zinc. The zinc provides a barrier against corrosion so that the pipe may be exposed to the outdoor environmental elements.Galvanized Steel Pipe The protective barrier proves equally effective against damage from indoor humidity.Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Pipe Trading,Zinc Galvanized Round Steel Pipe For Building Material is covered with a zinc material to make the steel pipe more resistant to corrosion.

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