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1x7 Stranded Wire Rope,Steel Wire Cable Galvanized Rope

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Steel Wire
Model Number Steel Wire
Min.Order Quantity One set 1x7 Stranded Wire Rope,Steel Wire Cable Galvanized Rope
Price [email protected]
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 168

Product Features

Product Description

Product Name 1x7 Stranded Wire Rope,Steel Wire Cable Galvanized Rope
Steel Grade 60# ,65# ,65Mn ,70# ,72A ,72B, 80# ,82A, 82B
Nominal tensile strength 1570MPa, 1670MPa, 1770MPa ,1870MPa ,1960MPa, 2160MPa
Rope Structure 1x7, 1x19, 1x37, 6x7, 6x7+FC, 6x9W, 6x12, 6X12+7FC, 6x19, 6x19+FC, 6x19S, 6X19W, 6 x 19 + IWRC, 6x24, 6x24W, 6x36, 6 x 36+IWR, 6x37, 6x37+FC, 7x7, 7x19, 7x37,etc
application wire rope for POWER CABLE & COMMUNICATION ,BUILDING: Balcony, fencing,etc

Lay of wire rope:

1.Right hand ordinary lay: the wires in the strands are laid to the left, while the strands are laid to the right to form wire rope.

2.Left hand ordinary lay: the wires are laid to the right, while the strands are laid to the left.

3.Right hand lang's lay: the wires in the strands and the strands in the rope are laid in the same direction, the lay is to the right.
4.Left hand lang's lay: the wires and the strands also laid in the same direction,the lay is to the left.

Structure of wire rope:

the number of strands, the number of wires per strand, lay of the wire rope. For example: 6x19 FC RHOL FSWR:

6---Number of strands that make up the rope

19----Number of wires that make up each strand

FC---Fibre core

RH---Right hand lay

OL---Ordinary lay

FSWR---Flexible steel wire rope

Types of Cores:

Abbr. Description Abbr. Description Abbr.
FC Fibre core SF Seale filler wire LH Left hand lay
FSWR Flexible steel wire rope SW Seale Warrington LL Lang's lay
FW Filler wire SWL Safe working load OL Ordinary lay
NR Non-rotating S Seale RH Right hand lay
IWR Independent wire rope W Warrington WLL Working load limit
IWRC Independent wire rope core WF Warriflex WS Warrington Seale

Cross Sections of wire rope:

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Packing & Delivery

Packing Details : wire rope 1000 meters per wooden reel or as per customer's requirements; wooden pallet

Delivery Details : 10-20 days after order of Steel wire rope

Our Certifications

Certificate of Approval

We can make OEM for each kind standards, like Europe EN1317-2:2010,Russia GOST R 52606-2006,ANSI,ASTM,JIS,etc.

Before we sent our Cables(Wire Ropes) to many clients for test, all test data were up to standards.

Beijing ZhongLian TianRun Certification Center(ZLTR) certify that the Quality Management System of the above arganization has been assessed and found to be in accordance with the requirement of the standard: GB/T9001-2008/ISO9001:2008.


Chengdu ( Sichuan ) Zhiquan Highway Facility Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.(ZQGL)

In 2013th ZQGL was involved in the drafting of the "Standard of Cable Barriers CN" for Transport Ministry of China.

We are Drafting Committee for China standard JT/T895-2014, all Crash Test Products are from our factory.

Cable Barrier

The 3x7-19~20 mm (6 lines) Cable Barrier System can take impact loads up to 48 tons! The maintenance or repair is very easy, fast and very economical unlike W guard barriers.

Blowing sand, dust or snow gets a free passage without blockage and thus does not get deposited on carriage way which avoids accidents due to sand deposits on roads.

How to Order

Please inform wire rope details for an accurate quote,thanks!

1 Usage such as highway guardrail steel for roads, lifting etc.
2 Construction number of strands, number of wires per strand and type of strand construction 1x7,1x19,6x7,6x9W,6x7+FC,6x12, 6X12+7FC,6x19, 6x19S,6X19W, 6x24,6x24W,6x19+FC,etc.
3 Diameter of rope millimeter or inch, such as 2mm, 10mm, 20mm, 50mm, etc
4 Types of cores such as fiber core (FC) ,IWRC, IWSC,IWS,IWR,SWR,NF,SF, etc.
5 Lay of wire rope right regular lay, left regular lay, right lang lay, left lang lay.
6 Tensile Strength 1570 , 1670 , 1770 , 1870, 1960Mpa, etc.
7 Surface electric galvanized, hot dipped galvanised, ungalvanized, pvc coated or stainless,etc
8 Quantity 3000m, 5000m or 20ton, 27ton, etc.
9 Length per reel 100m/reel, 500m/reel or 1000m/reel, etc.
10 Packge (1) steel wire ropes will be wrapped in wooden reel or plastic reel.(2) put on pallets or in wooden case.(3) packing as your requirements.

Steel Wire can be use for redrawing,they are widely used for manufacturing steel wire rope,cable,bailing pasture fence, armoring cable, fence,strand etc. Our 1x7 Stranded Wire Rope,Steel Wire Cable Galvanized Rope have excellent toughness and flexibility , thick galvanized layer, strong corrosion resistance and other properties .
1x7 Stranded Wire Rope,Steel Wire Cable Galvanized Rope are widely used for manufacturing overhead aluminum conductor and overhead steel conductor.1x7 Stranded Wire Rope,Steel Wire Cable Galvanized Rope are smooth and round.The surface have not any flows,scratches,twists seams,splits.
Steel Wire is widely used in the industrial fields and the daily lives. 1x7 Stranded Wire Rope,Steel Wire Cable Galvanized Rope can be as the basic material of many meshes, like weld wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, diamond mesh, hexagonal wire netting, hardwire cloth, slope protect wire mesh, gabion box, filter screen, mine screen mesh, chain link fence, fence netting etc.
Steel Wire also used in other fields like galvanized wire mesh fenceing for the protection of agricultural and commercial properties; used in various automotive components; communication equivaments; packaging products; manufacture of galvanized barbed wire; galvanized wire rope of low and high strength; used in medical components etc.

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