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16 gauge 1mm 310S stainless steel wire price per kg

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Steel Wire
Certification SGS
Model Number Steel Wire
Min.Order Quantity One set 16 gauge 1mm 310S stainless steel wire price per kg
Price [email protected]
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 41

Product Features

Grade 310s has higher chromium and nickel contents to enable them to resist oxidation in continuous service at temperatures up to 1 200°C provided reducing sulphur gases are not present. The higher silicon content in U-310S Si-1.4841 improves this oxidiation resistance even further.

In intermittent high temperature service, the U-310S types can be used at temperatures up to 1 030°C as they resist scaling and have a relatively low coefficient of expansion differential between the metal and the scale. These stainless steels have superior resistance to both the U-304 types and the U-309S types in carburising and reducing environments.

• Furnace parts
• Oil burner parts
• Carburising boxes
• Heat Treatment baskets and jigs
• Heat Exchangers
• Welding filler wire and electrodesProduct Description

Product Name
16 gauge 1mm 310S stainless steel wire price per kg
Certification SGS,TUV
Application Wire Drawing, Weaving Soft Tube Or Wire Mesh,Steel Wire ,Filter Products , Steel-rubber Wire,Spring Wire Etc
Payment Term T/T 30% deposit,the balance by T/T or LC at sight
MOQ 500 KG 201stainless steel wire
Delivery Time With 5-7Days After receive deposit
Package Standard Seaworthy Export Package Or As Required
Surface Bright,Black
Port Shanghai
Detailed Images


Stainless Steel Spring Wire (SPR)
Application: Springs
Steel grade: 302, 304, 316, 130M, 304ES, 201CU, 631, 200CU, 200CU-3, 200CU-1, D667, etc.
Wire size: 0.2-8.0mm
Surface: Brigth, Dull
Temper: as per JIS-WPA, JIS-WPB, JIS-WPC
Capability: Produced in accordance with the specifications of JIS, with stable linearity and excellent cast and helix, it can be widely used for rolling various precision springs.

Stainless Steel EPQ Wire(EPQ)

Steel grade: 304, 316, 304ES, 200CU-3( Ni: 0.6-0.8%), D667(Ni: 0.8-1.0%), 200CU( Ni: 1.5-2.0%), 201CU(Ni: 4.1-4.2%)

Diameter: 0.8-8.0mm
Surface: Electro Polishing Quality (EPQ)
Temper: 1/4 hard, 1/2 hard
Capability: With bright surface, slight magnetism and no cracks in forming, it is widely used in manufacturing bicycle fittings, kitchen and sanitation tools, goods shelf, pet cages, grill racks, decorative handles and baskets, food and medical machinery accessories, etc.

Stainless Steel Nail Wire (NAI)
(Application: Kinds of head-shaped, bar-shaped and a nail-shaped stainless steel sharp nails, rivets, volleyball nails
Steel grade: 304, 304HC, 304HCT, 304HC3, 316, 201CU
Wire size: 0.8-8.0mm
Surface: Dull, Bright
Temper: 1/8H, 1/4H, 1/2H
Capability: With high grade wire rod and our most advanced processing technology, we are able to offer you excellent nail wires with the following

Stainless Steel Spoke Wire(SPO)

Grade: 302, 304, 430, 316


Diameter: 0.8mm-6.35mm

Surface finish: electrolysis bright, bright,

Applications: For manufacture of spokes for cycles, Automobile and car wheels

Characteristics: Bright surface from defects; Corrent mechanical properties stable T/S.

Stainless Steel Weaving Wire (WEA)
Steel grade: D667, 200CU-3, 200CU-1, 200CU, 201CU, 304ES, 304, 316
Dia: 0.2-8.0mm

Application:Welding network, weaving nets, strainers and filter net
Characteristics: Bright surface,uniform toughness,good weaving and braid capability.

Capability:It can be used in weaving general nets, heat resistance belts, and also widely used for Chemical, food processing, petroleum, kitchen utensils, paper and pulp and conveyer belt industries.

Stainless Steel Annealing Wire (ANN)
(Annealing Wire, Re-drawing Wire )
Application: Tie lines, hose connectors, weaving and possession of oil and gas projects
Steel grade: D667(Ni: 0.8-1.0%), 200CU( Ni: 1.5-2.0%), 201CU(Ni: 4.1-4.2%), 304HC, 304H, 302, 304, 304ES and 316
Wire size: 0.8-8.0mm
Surface: Silvery White
Temper: Soft Annealed
Capability: High re-extend capability and smooth surface, . The expanded usage of high quality fine mesh screening in the filter, printing, automotive, and chemical industries has increased the demand for high grade extra fine wire. The quality of the redraw (annealed) wire has a very significant effect on the production of this very fine diameter wire.

Stainless Steel Cold Heading Wire (CHQ)
(Cold Heading Wire, Screw Wire)
Application: Nuts, bolts, screws, gaskets, frame
Steel Grade: D667, 200CU-3, 200CU-1, 200CU, 201CU, 304ES, 304, 304HC, 304HCT, 304H, 316, 302
Wire Size: 0.8-8.0mm
Surface: Dull, Half Bright
Temper: Soft annealed
Capability: Good shape; Low processing stress; Excellent surface quality; Hardening high in the low attrition rate of mold; After the cold forging the low magnetic.

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we accept any third party inspect about our stainless steel product before could contact the SGS or TUV by yourself , also we could help you.with us your business in safe and your money in safe !

Steel Wire can be use for redrawing,they are widely used for manufacturing steel wire rope,cable,bailing pasture fence, armoring cable, fence,strand etc. Our 16 gauge 1mm 310S stainless steel wire price per kg have excellent toughness and flexibility , thick galvanized layer, strong corrosion resistance and other properties .
16 gauge 1mm 310S stainless steel wire price per kg are widely used for manufacturing overhead aluminum conductor and overhead steel conductor.16 gauge 1mm 310S stainless steel wire price per kg are smooth and round.The surface have not any flows,scratches,twists seams,splits.
Steel Wire is widely used in the industrial fields and the daily lives. 16 gauge 1mm 310S stainless steel wire price per kg can be as the basic material of many meshes, like weld wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, diamond mesh, hexagonal wire netting, hardwire cloth, slope protect wire mesh, gabion box, filter screen, mine screen mesh, chain link fence, fence netting etc.
Steel Wire also used in other fields like galvanized wire mesh fenceing for the protection of agricultural and commercial properties; used in various automotive components; communication equivaments; packaging products; manufacture of galvanized barbed wire; galvanized wire rope of low and high strength; used in medical components etc.

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