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ppgi pre-painted galvalume steel coil color steel sheet ppgi

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Pre-painted steel coil
Model Number Pre-painted steel coil
Min.Order Quantity One set ppgi pre-painted galvalume steel coil color steel sheet ppgi
Price [email protected]
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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ppgi pre-painted galvalume steel coil color steel sheet ppgi

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Factory Area:Hongqi Factory: 40,000 square meter , Pingsha Factory:70,000 square meter , Shunde Factory:40,000 square meter Employees:450 people,including R&D staff NO 45 and QC staff NO 30Annual Output Value(2014): 600 million RMB(~100million USD) Quality Control System : ISO9001 / ISO14000R&D capabilities: Guangdong Engineering Technology Center /Design CenterLaboratory: Three for production line/One for R&D.Scientific research academy: BIT ( Beijing Institute of Technology )

1,wood grain steel sheet :wood grain PVC Film laminated metal sheet is a kind of new style color coated metal sheet, firmly laminated with wood grain pvc film and other polymer film. It not only has metal’s good strength and processing properties, but also has film’s excellent decoration property, corrosion-resistance property, weather resistance property, easy-to-clean property and so on.The wood grain pvc film lanimated metal sheet can directly product steel security door panel,Welcome to contact us with E-mail and ppgi pre-painted galvalume steel coil color steel sheet ppgi!
2,Compared with normal PPGI color coated galvanized steel sheet, pvc coated steel sheet has better corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant and wear resistant properties.So,pvc film lanimated metal sheet is fit with freezer, purification workshop metope, operating room interior decoration, hotel interior decoration and elevator interior decoration for easy to clean.

Main technical parameters


Base metal

Could choose cold rolled steel, hot dip galvanized steel, electro-galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum plate, etc.


Base metal thickness



Finished product thickness:

PVC film laminated metal sheet

Base metal thickness + 0.13~0.18mm.

PET film laminated sheet

Base metal thickness + 0.05~0.1mm.

Weatherability film laminated sheet

Base metal thickness + 0.13~0.18mm.


Back paint

Could choose polyester paint, epoxy paint, conductive paint, transparent paint, etc.


Protective film

Could choose self adhesive protective film or non-glue Protective film.


Supplying status

Plate packing: width≤1650 mm, length≤5000mm:

coil packing: width≤1650 mm, N.W≤5 T, ID: 510 mm.

Application ppgi pre-painted galvalume steel coil color steel sheet ppgi

Household Appliance:


Refrigerator door panels &side panels, Washer, Freezers, Air conditions,


Rice Cooker, Microwave Ovens, Water Heaters, Sterilization Cabinets, Range Hoods


Computer Panels , DVD/DVB panels, TV back panel etc.

Teaching Board: whiteboard, blackboard, greenboard(chalk board).

Indoor Decoration: security Door, Fireproof Door, kitchen cabinet, ceiling , Lift Wall Panel,Elevator decoration.

Shipping Industries: Ship, Yecht, Marine.

Elevator/Medical Equipment/Rubbish Bin.

Film laminated metal/VCM



-----PVC Film


-----PET Film


-----PP Film


-----PVF Film

-----Stainless Steel

-----AL Film

International raw material supply channels ensure the quality of raw materials; Partnership cooperation concept

ensures the stability and advancement of raw materials; Professional R & D teams ensure the technologyand

process quality of products; Skilled and stable technical teams ensure the manufacturing quality.

Quality management system

ISO2000, ISO14000

Quality management mode

We adhere to the quality management model on standard and data, our control model is from screening to self inspection to routing inspection to complete inspection before delivery. At the same time, we can achieve the traceability management for whole process.

Quality inspection model

In order to ensure the performance requirements of all delivery products, we adopt verify mode from self-inspection to random inspection by international recognized third party inspection Institution.

Quality inspection ability

Professional inspectors and advanced testing equipments.

Units on a continuous cold-rolled strip steel or steel sheet,galvanized steel (electro galvanized,Pre-painted steel coil hot galvanized,Galvalume and cold-rolled plate) as the substrate, after surface preparation (degreasing and chemical treatment), ppgi pre-painted galvalume steel coil color steel sheet ppgi by a roll coating method, applying one or more layers liquid coating, after baking and cooling the resulting sheet is coated steel.Pre-painted steel coil Since the coating can have a variety of colors, it is customary to coated steel is called color coated steel sheet (PPGI).
ppgi pre-painted galvalume steel coil color steel sheet ppgi is the material which uses galvanized steel as the basic substrate metal. PPGI is prepainted galvanized steel, also known as precoated steel, coil coated steel,Pre-painted steel coil color coated steel etc.ppgi pre-painted galvalume steel coil color steel sheet ppgi A galvanized steel sheet in coil form is cleaned, pretreated, applied with various layers of organic coatings which can be paints, vinyl dispersions, Pre-painted steel coil or laminates.ppgi pre-painted galvalume steel coil color steel sheet ppgi are applied in a continuous process known as Coil Coating.The steel thus produced in this process is a prepainted, prefinished ready to use material.

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